Salad Every Day

A Guide to Creating Salads You’ll Crave + 50 Healthy Salad Recipes

A brand new ebook from Brittany Mullins of Eating Bird Food 

Take back your health with one simple habit... incorporating one salad into your day, every day!

Hi! I'm Brittany

I'm a salad lover, certified health coach and the founder of the #saladeveryday movement, (very official title and very official movement…) Through my own journey to health, I realized that the habit of replacing one meal a day with a salad is an amazing way to get started with healthy eating and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

It's a tip I swear by because eating one salad a day not only makes you feel energized and good from the inside out, the focus is about adding something into your diet rather than taking something away so you don't feel restricted at all. It also puts one meal a day on auto-pilot so you don't even have to spend time thinking about what to eat!


You're in luck! My Salad Every Day ebook is now available!

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This is the lowest price I've EVER offered any of my products! Grab it now before I change my mind! 🙈

  • Do you love the idea of eating salad to be healthier, but HATE the fact that you're usually starving 20 mins later?
  • Does ordering a salad at a restaurant seem boring? Or worse, have you ordered a salad only to realize it had the same calories as a burger and fries? So much for eating "healthy"
  • Do you feel like homemade dressing are a ton of work?
  • Are you tired of stocking up on veggies with good intentions, but by the end of the week your fridge is full of soggy produce?

I've created this Salad Every Day ebook to solve allll of these salad problems and more. No more #sadsalads.

Here's what's inside...

  • Tips for how to eat one salad a day and actually enjoy it
  • A guide for building meal-sized salads that are substantial and filling
  • Tips and tricks for storing produce
    (over 25 different veggies) so it lasts longer
  • How to meal prep salads to save time and money
  • How to eat salads through the seasons (even in fall/winter)
  • How to order salad at a restaurant that's actually healthy

PLUS: 50 Epic Salad Recipes!

Of course, this ebook comes with loads of salad recipes to inspire you! Everything from salads you can eat for breakfast to my signature salad toppers. The ebook is broken down into the following sections:

 Of the 50 recipes, 46 are gluten-free and 38 are vegetarian (28 of those are vegan)! 


Grab your copy of your Salad Every Day eBook here!

Your price: $9.99


What People Are Saying About Salad Every Day

"This book made me realize that it’s totally doable to have a salad every day and not get bored of what you eat! I really liked the meal prep sections and the checklist of how to build a salad, that was really helpful to think about how to get all the components you want."

– Jasmin S.

"The recipes are easy, but taste like you worked really hard...gotta love that! Also, the ingredients are likely either already in your pantry (I was so psyched) or easily found in a typical grocery store or online."

- Jennifer B.

"It is VERY comprehensive! I love all the ideas... the variations... especially the tips on tools. I picked up a salad chopper. What a game changer! Making it much more likely that 1) I'll eat a salad every day, 2) my energy is higher and 3) my head more clear. I just feel better having implemented these recipes this week."

– Lynn K.


How do I download Salad Every Day?

Immediately after you purchase the ebook, you'll be directed to a page with a download link. We'll also follow up with an email with the ebook. If you don't see the email show up within 2 hours of purchase, please email

Is there a printed option?

There will not be a printed version of this ecookbook. I recommend downloading it and having your local print shop print and bind this for you if interested!

I'm a vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, etc... what are the recipes like?

There are 46 gluten-free recipes and 38 vegetarian recipes (28 of those are vegan). There's something for everyone!

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